Tuesday 17 November 2009

Killing itself slowly...

UMNO has conducted a sustained and unprecedented use and abuse of its powers in Government at the expense of the Malays. Now it wants the Malays to bail it out of its self made quagmire by giving UMNO their support to ensure its return to power in the coming General Election? Huh!

To the Malays UMNO leaders now vouch their commitment to Ketuanan Melayu. To the others they pledge their undivided attention towards making 1Malayisa a reality- (two converging pledges - an impossibility that seems to escape them!). And for their promotion of these two diverging ends they have asked to be rewarded again by the undivided support of the Malays and the others through MC, MIC and Gerakan. Are they suffering from delusion of grandeur?

For those of us who are accustomed to the lies that UMNO leaders spin, their rhetoric and empty bravado accompanied by much Keris wielding - the latest beg for help to the Malays comes as no surprise. These UMNO leaders have never accepted responsibility for the abuse of the trust placed upon them by the Malays. UMNO has always relied on the Malay inclination to forgive and forget. Their constant refrain to the dangers from the “other races” to the Malays seeks to deflect its obligation of taking responsibility for reneging on its promises to the Malay. At the same time it continues to harasses and intimidate its political opponents and commits its own people to prison without trial for crimes of conscience.

Today, deservedly UMNO finds itself in yet another self created crisis and is faced with the reality of losing to Pakatan Rakyat in the next general election!

Without much encouragement Mahathir is rushing to UMNO’s aid. He has already sent his son into the cabinet so that he will have a presence in that august house – albeit through a proxy. No great sacrifice for his son as this further allows his family access to more negotiated goodies and handouts that is the purview of this self serving Cabinet – as it has always been.

Its usual propaganda machinery is churning stories to convince the people to ignore that the Police are corrupt.

That MACC is tainted and has been tasked to harass the opposition.

That they are moving against the people responsible for the PKFZ massive fraud.

That they are not exaggerating the threat to National security when they do not want Chin Peng back and the need for continuance of the ISA.

I wonder when Najib will mount another Ops Lallang 2009 – against imagined ‘enemies of the state!'

I do not mean to ignore the other non-Malays that are clamoring in their unrestrained eagerness to come to UMNO rescue with an eye to the rewards of their endeavors that will surely come in the not too distant future. There are far too many of this unsavory businessman waiting in line to make this a perennial sport often indulged enthusiastically at each coming of a by-election and with vigor and serious financial outlays at General elections. But in these days when race should not be an issue I will keep to flogging my own race lest I stray into uncharted waters.

After Najib’s ill advised foray into Perak UMNO resulted in a victory of sorts – a win in bringing into their ranks three odious and corrupt aduns but at the cost of certainly losing Perak at the next General Elections  - they are now eying Selangor! An illegal invasion to bring back Toyo perhaps – who will surely hoodwink the Selangorians again – but methinks he will not have much stomach for Politics now that he has his own Istana and adequate cash reserves to last a few generations. But then greed knows no limits!

Without or without Toyo there will be others only too willing to do their “National Service” for UMNO in Selangor – why not when you can transcend the great divide between being a Dentist and richness that would rival a King within one generation…nay within one decade!

This morning’s spin begins laughingly enough with this breathless announcement from NSTP:

 PUTRAJAYA: Twitter founder Biz Stone has applauded Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for being quick to embrace the new media".

Alright! Here we go! Najib is in Singapore with his usual groveling escorts of  Ministers and hangers on for the APEC summit. In return for the backhand compliment Obama gave him about “Malaysia’s contribution to the security etc in the region”  Najib announces:

SINGAPORE: Malaysia will study a regional free trade pact preferred by its biggest trading partner, the United States, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Please note that he will “study” the regional trade pact preferred by the United States. Good for him….and so the spin continues. The double speak and lies insulting our intelligence are thrown at us with increasing regularity and disdain. For good measure they will make forays into making religious pronouncements –these by leaders who lacks the moral authority to even conduct their own personal affairs with decorum and good taste.

And now this:
KOTA BARU: The state Umno Youth yesterday called on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat for accepting a sponsored haj trip.

This is laughable. The State UMNO Youth does not have the intelligence to respect a revered and respected leader many years older and wiser then them? How can this be? Did not their parents teach them anything? Or is this simply a demonstration of the presence of a greater being that has tire of the stupidity of it all and thus allow the State UMNO youth to start the process of killing itself slowly?

UMNO no longer attempts to justify what it does. It no longer can. How can you explain the blundering of Hishamuddin- so eager to prove his worthiness of being considered worthy of being a future Prime Minister  - that he constantly makes a fool of himself by his many idiotic pronouncements?  A deceptive Muhyiddin so full of himself that he forgets that he should actually be championing 1Malaysia loudly and Ketuanan Melayu quietly…and not the other way around as per Najib’s announcement below!

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday said the time had come for Umno to take charge of the welfare and well-being of not only Malays and Bumiputeras but also all Malaysians..  (he he he….got you Muhyiddin!)

This burden that the Malaysian public has had to endure since Mahathir’s time must be ended soon. Nothing can justify the endless attempts by UMNO to beat its own people into submissions and their use of every imaginable opportunity to take pot shot at the opposition group who are standing up and fighting against these injustices. They say that all is fair in war and love….there certainly is no love lost between UMNO and us but are we to declare war now? UMNO day of reckoning is near…what audacity for it to think that the rule of the jungle will prevail over the rule of law? For those suffering delusion of grandeur everything seems possible….or is it?

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