Thursday 19 November 2009

Manjeet Singh Dhillon


I have today at 7.20 pm had Molotov cocktails thrown at my house. The resulting fire caused damage. 

I believe this was a warning and threat to me and my family arising from my presence as a lawyer at a recent recording of an interview with the missing PI  Bala who is connected to the Altantunya case. 

It is tragic that such threats have to be issued. Those who have elected to issue such threats have failed to appreciate that lawyers have a role to play in the discharge of their professional duties. I have no affiliations or ties with any political party or faction and have for the last 39 years of my role as a lawyer maintained that neutrality.

My presence at the interview was as Mr. Americk Sidhu’s lawyer. Mr. Americk Sidhu was the lawyer who acted for PI Bala in the making of Bala’s first Statutory Declaration. My presence and role in this PI Bala interview was apolitical and was to ensure the integrity and voluntary nature of the interview. 

Manjeet Singh Dhillon

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  1. I am scare to my balls even to comment. Well, its the work of desperados. It just show their immaturity and stupidity at its lowest. Those are peoples with morality so low.

    Simply put, plain stupidity and a bunch of idiot.