Saturday 14 November 2009

Mahathir's Dodo Dynasty

With Thanks to Antares of Magick River

Mahathir's Dodo Dynasty

A friend forwarded me an email with a selection of photos taken at a recent gala housewarming party hosted by Mukhriz Mahathir. The images were from a local gossip blog and merely revealed without commentary the Gatsbyesque garishness and pompousness of Mukhriz Mahathir's lifestyle preferences...

I decided to turn these images into a blogpost and began editing the photos. When I was ready to upload I discovered my Streamyx connection down again (third time within two weeks!) - this time it was due to a dysfunctional phone line. That happened around 3:00PM Saturday. 

It's almost 2:00PM Monday as I type this and Telekom has been unable to get my line working. Each time this happens I think of Mahathir and his privatization program and vow to do everything within my power to prevent Mukhriz Mahathir from establishing a Mahathir dynasty.

We need another dynasty of arrogant mediocrity like we need a great big hole in our wallets!

This blogpost comes to you from the same cybercafe I had to use every day for 3 years, while waiting for Telekom to provide me a land line.

Back in 1975, when I was living at 7 Pesiaran Ampang Hilir, I applied for a phone and was made to wait nearly 3 years. Telekom's monumental lack of enthusiasm over the notion of progress is perhaps a quaint and wonderful cultural trait - but I don't think it does a telco's public image any good.

Looking at the new mansion that Mukhriz Mahathir built, one can't help but speculate about how much it might have cost...

A wild guess might put the overall cost between RM15-20 million.

Apart from shooting his mouth off at every opportunity and coming across as an overconfident moron (the worst type of moron, if you ask me), what DOES Mukhriz Mahathir actually do? Does he have any marketable skills or special talents?

Is he a financial whizkid, for instance? I doubt it. Mutual friends assure me that Mukhriz Mahathir can be quite a charming and affable fellow. Maybe so, but does being "charming and affable" mean you can afford to live in a multi-million ringgit mansion?

I know his elder brother Mirzan is ranked among the richest men in Asia (read somewhere he was worth USD8.5 billion a couple of years ago)... I guess when your daddy is Mahathir or Suharto it's impossible to fail in business, no matter how hard you try.

So how do you suppose Mukhriz amassed his fortune? Surely not on his cabinet minister's salary? Does he have a couple of hit albums on the charts?

I don't have a problem with people who strike it rich by fortuitously stumbling on a cave filled with pirate treasure... or who inherited a fortune from their tycoon fathers... or who invented something the world finds useful - like the personal computer or iPhone or Google...

But Mukhriz Mahathir's dad is a politician. To be precise, he was prime minister for 22 years. He has publicly lashed out against corruption and Umno-style money politics (while privately stashing his store of nuts away in offshore hiding places, no doubt). So did daddy give Mukhriz this mansion as a birthday present, for boldly speaking out against Abdullah Badawi's lameness and making snide remarks about the seriousness of Anwar's sodomy accusations? 

Guess we'll never know... unless Marina spills the beans!


  1. Ini lah dia yang dikatakan salah satu daripada beribu2 RUMAH HARAM yang dimiliki oleh pemimpin2 UMNO dan BN sama seperti rumah haram Khir Toyo, Abang Zek yang dah kojol tu dan banyak lagi yang kita boleh tengok di seluruh Malaysia ni termasuk di Sarawak dan Sabah. Tak kurang juga rumah2 haram yang dimiliki oleh kroni dan konco2 UMNO termasuk pegawai2 tinggi kerajaan, KSU2, IGP, Jeneral2 ATM, tak ada yang kecik, semua besar2 macam istana.

    Mana ada pemimpin2 UMNO yang tak nak buat rumah haram, naik haji pun dengan duit haram beb... UMNO tak takut tuhan!

  2. RUMAH HARAM !!!...ini classification baru ! mana you dapat ilham cam ni?...very good decription !

  3. Pak,

    As good as the government had been calling all those squatters living illegally on government lands and built makeshift houses on those lands to call the squatters houses as RUMAH HARAM, what best to describe those big houses, bangalows and palaces owned by almost all UMNO/BN politicians and cronies and government servants with money that can only be gotten beyond their monthly salary? And that money is DUIT HARAM with which they built their home, so their home is RUMAH HARAM in more real sense than the squatters'.

    In fact throughout their life when they can keep their monthly salary untouched in the bank because they have other money to spend, they are eating DUIT HARAM all their life, and when they perform the Haj, they perform it with DUIT HARAM even if for that purpose of performing Haj they pay it from their salary money saved in the bank, the fact is that the salary money was saved untouched due to their capability to eat on DUIT HARAM.

    That's why lah UMNO's Haj is Haji Tak Laku.

  4. Salam Pak HH,

    I think you have grossly under-estimated the cost of the Rumah Haram at RM15-20 million. Just look at the furnishings of the Rumah Haram!!!! The cost of his patio furniture is probably worth more than all the furniture and furnishings in my home.

    Mukhriz is no financial whizzkid. As a matter of fact he is not much of anything and yet he is a deputy minister so we can all easily figure out how he got to be one. So no surprises how he got so much wealth. These are the elite UMNO-nites who goes round preaching "Do as I tell you but do not follow what I do".

    Show me a poor and humble UMNO-nite and I will show you an honest, clean and capable minister in the BN government.

  5. FMZam,

    Memang ramai orang UMNO/BN who are in the corridors of power tak takut Tuhan. Kalau mereka takut tentu mereka tak menipu/rasuah/salah guna kuasa.

    It is a known fact that almost 100% orang Melayu/Islam tak makan babi. Bila masuk restoran, dia cakap "no pork pls" but would have no qualms ordering beer/wine. No qualms getting the services of GROs. Personally, I have no qualms about that even though I cannot comprehend the rationale. That is their private life. But the one I cannot tolerate is that they also have no qualms of being corrupt and abuse of power. This one is difficult for me to stomach as it affects me and society at large. On the table ada orange juice, coca-cola, teh tarik. Under the table ada duit kopi. Not RM5 but thousands and millions.

    Kalau makan babi tu haram yang lain2 tu halalkah? JAIS or JAKIM must issue a fatwa whether rasuah is haram, sunat or makruh since many UMNO people in the corridors of power are corrupt. Makan babi/minum arak is something between you and your creator. It affects you personally as long as you don't propagate to others. (Note: I am note propagating readers to makan babi and drink here).

    To me corruption is worst than eating pork/drinking because the practice breaks down society (memporak porandakan masyarakat). Cost of doing biz goes up, cost of living will increase, the poor gets poorer, the richer gets richer, disparity of income among the masses widens, crime rate will soar and subsequently the economy will collapse and ultimately we will become a failed/pariah nation.

    As for me I will do whatever within my means to prevent this this country from being hijacked by unscrupulous, incorrigible and greedy people. I don't inherit this country from my parents. I borrow it from my children. If you borrow something, you are duty bound to return it in good condition.

    Remember, we reap what we sow.

    God bless this country.

    (Rewrite as first write-up didn't go through).

  6. If Mukriz does not have any special skill to earn the kind of money with which to have a house like that, then I am happy to note that there is still hope for all of us yet! Think positive lah! (I think this is the only way to prevent myself from hyperventilating, vomitting, and what not).

    By the way, he got himself ahead of this UMNO youth boss for a cabinet job, didn't he? Ada juga skill lah! Boleh lah!

  7. Thanks for helping me get more mileage out of this post, Hussein. I was reliably informed after publishing these photos that Mukhriz owns a company that has an exclusive contract to supply fiber-optic cables to Telekom Malaysia. Part of the Father's Privatization Package? Senang saje.

  8. Antares it was also taken up and posted on to the Malay College Old Boys network ,

  9. Mukhriz lack of hair has been traded for massive wealth :-)
    i'm not jealous of him hahaha .UMNO people treat our country resources as theirs while any liabilities are conveniently passed to us rakyat .
    "UMNO terus maju"

  10. Salam HH,

    Eating pork is permissible in an emergency situation, corruption is no way in any situation. Therefore the so called UMNO leaders are all HARAM in every aspect of leadership.
    They claimed to be businessmen, like this guy in particular, have to transfer all his business interest to his brother before taking up his present govt post. Business? Papa's kid businessman, easy come anyway, but poor you and me.

  11. Without knowing the location of this house, we cant conclude the value just like that. The pictures (those showing the pool and its environs) somehow reminds me of club houses in gated communities. If that is so, then the house is not that grand. The furnishings depicted are no more grand than those I have seen at the houses of top political and business people. So lets not focus on Mukhriz and create innuendos on ill gotten gains due to family relationships. Its a great injustice to one whose "fault" is to be the son of a former Prime Minister. Its not that he has the choice, like some son in law of a former, more recent Prime Minister. Why don't you write about that SIL, too?

    sri hartamas

  12. UMNO itself is already haram by spiritual evaluation and by the standard call in Islam and Al Quran as it condons curruption and fitnah. We don't have break it down any further as anything associated with UMNO is haram and so do all the BN component parties, haram because they are the abettors. But these UMNO rascals are now accusing and labelling the respectable Tok Guru Haji Nik Aziz of rasuah, in virtue by going for Haj performing under a sponsorship. Tak sedar diri langsung, 'Seekor kuman diseberang boleh nampak tapi beratus ratus ekor gajah betul betul didepan mata pula berpura pura tak nampak'. Apa cerita ni? Are not all of these UMNO bigots the fathers of hypocrite? Aku rasa nak muntah lah ni, yiak. Sudahlah tu, MACC is now 'sebok' taking this opportunity trying to nail our Tok Guru. This is extraordinarily super-lightning fast and efficient, even without an official police report. These MACC officers are the real 'Anak Haram'.

  13. Why, you all jealous ke? Pandai aje kritik. Kalau bagi chan, nanti macam taroh gula depan semut atau ikan di depan kucing. Nak amik ke tak nak? 2 X 5 aje! Sour grapes!

    Ingat yang sebelah sana tu bersih ke?
    Yang kita bising2 ni buat apa! Kalau salah, hah, besok diakhirat, jawab ajelah. Yang kita ni tiam2 ajelah, jangan buat sibuk. Takut nanti jadi fitnah pulak.

  14. Do we know why Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mamakthir Mamad went to Australia recently with his son, Mukhtriz? It must be a family outing there, which Marina unfortunately had no share of it.

    What about our friend, Mat Taib who was arrested by the Immigration in Australia for carrying RM2.38 million in cash?
    Any coincidence that it is in Australia?

  15. in mark twain's words .....

    Mukriz's money is twice tainted

    Tain't mine and tain't yours.

  16. UMNO's Fatwa has always confused me & many other muslims in Malaysia. UMNO people never worshipped anything but himself.

    Watch this video

  17. Go and Kiz my you know what ... Murkiz


  18. Buat apa kita rasa dengki dengan apa yang dia ada, berapa tahun juga dia boleh bersukaria dengan yang dia ada, dia tidak akan dapat membawanya pun ke liang kubur, pada ketika itu dia pun serupa dengan kita masuk kedalam liang kubur berbogel!!!!