Sunday 1 November 2009

cakap this a joke or for real?

 Plans To Hold Islamic Fashion Charity Show In Monte Carlo

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 (Bernama) -- Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of the prime minister, said today she planned to organise an Islamic Fashion charity show in Monte Carlo next August.

She said she would seek the cooperation of the King and Queen of Sweden to hold the show as she was informed by the royal couple that they had many friends who liked to contribute to such charity programmes.

Rosmah had an audience with King Carl XVI Gustaf Folke and Queen Silvia Renate Sommerlath of Sweden last year.

"Through fashion, we want those who have yet to fully understand Islam to know that Islam is moderate and progressive. We will introduce this concept to the world and show that Islam is neither conservative, aggressive nor vicious.

"By looking at Islamic fashion, the world will know that Muslims can also have an open mind as long as it does not contravene Islamic teachings," she told a news conference after World Scout Foundation chief executive officer John Geoghegan called on her at the prime minister's residence, here.

Rosmah said, however, that it was too early to announce the details of the proposed charity show.



  1. This kind of people have absolutely ZERO inkling of the day to day sufferings of the normal man in the street.


  2. So she can at the same time 'break the bank at Monte Carlo'?

  3. A fashion is just a fashion. It's go nothing to do with Islam. So, I wear tie an suit, is it Western or Christian fashion ?

    Why can't she call it Malaysian or Malay fashion. That's over-selling or selling religion for one self-interest ... must be a good joke.

  4. Aiks...? Why need to ask the King & Queen of Sweden for permission to hold an event in Monte Carlo? Thought Prince Albert was the ruling family there?

    Even if you want to promote fashion, won't it be better to do it in Paris or Milan or even NYC? This fat lady wants an excuse to visit Monte Carlo to stash the ill gotten millions??

  5. It's more relevant for her to organise a blended version of Mongolian-Malaysian Fashion Show with the theme called "Mongolaysian C4 Fashion Show of The Decade" sponsored by Najis & Rosmati Altantuya. It will definitely be the most famous fashion show of the world that ever attracted the highest number of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.
    Do it , fat lady. You'll be an unforgetable glocal known first lady after this.

  6. It's another way of misusing taxpayers money. When we the poor and lonely are left out in the lurch to end ourselves against all atrocities comitted by the UBN govt against us.
    Imagine, now, I have to bring my 16 year old and faithful car to a third party to grant me permission to bring my 16 year old on the road again.What do you call this?? You think this third party is just gaoing to have a look anbd say, ok and let you drive off. No way man. They are gonna skulp your head. by giving you orders to do this and that befor e approval could be given.It's proven with the public transport that bring their vehicles for inspection. So it's corruption again. No pay no go. You know how the authorities dwell on their powers. They won't even look at your face when dealing with you. The worst part is they talk very little, like they say in malay language, 'layan tak layan jer'. They would jump to their feet and go an extra mile if money is put into their pockets ahead of the task.
    So, I would say the go vt is trying to force down our throats proton cars. But, I don't mind buying one if the UMNO goons are willing to pay my instalments. Of course with their money. Please come 2013 as soon as possible we wanna get rid of these high class govt.

  7. Why Monte Carlo? Why not hold it in Malaysia? Then at least Malaysians can gain something from an utterly useless event.

  8. dun you use my blooded money , @#$%^&* !

  9. Wrong wrong wrong...all of you forgot...!
    She is 1st Lady Malaysia mah !
    So must play play with Kings & Queens lor!
    Where got standard do in KL?

    Saling Erti standard fashion & design all bought from Siam can lah at KLCC!

    Must have white man and women to attend than only got standard mah!
    Haiyah itu pun tidak nampak ke?

    Putting away DIRTY money already done so many times go overseas..mah..!

    Buying house also done already!
    Private Jet also stand by all the time to fly when shit hits the fan mah!

    Running away never a problem - PRDM special UTK Killer squad and ATM will provide armed escort with Fighter Jets and Tanks lor!

    So who says the fatty bum bum & sweet sugar dumpling is scared?




    Jibby loves this song.........