Wednesday 18 November 2009

Cakap cakap.....Main gasing..spin, spin, spin.

Reforms earn praise, but graft ranking drops
KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 17, 2009) : 

"Transparency International Malaysia (T-IM) has acknowledged Malaysia’s efforts to deal with corruption although the country’s ranking on the corruption perception index (CPI) this year has declined"

The art of spinning! Somehow, anyhow.....these groveling media will find a way to spin what is negative into something positive. Take this latest drop by Malaysia in the Transparency International ranking on the corruption perception index. THE SUN reports emphasize "Reforms earn praise"..but "graft ranking drops". Why not "Reforms fails! Graft ranking continues to drop!".

Then just for good measure they included the following: "However, there are positive signs. The PKFZ fiasco is being actively and vigorously investigated, police reports have been made and suits have been taken against certain parties, and corrective measures have been taken". FAKE!  FAKE! FAKE! Nothing has been done except to create smoke screens here and there to cover up the greed of their cronies and BN politicians.


  1. Nothing has been done except to create smoke screens here and there to cover up the greed of their cronies and BN politicians.

    I agree with you absolutely - all tong tong chang opera and sendawara (correct spelling?)

  2. Dear Encik HH

    The word "spin" is itself a spin.

    We should remember George Orwell's warnings about political propaganda and Newspeak-type degradation of language. We should just call a spade a spade.

    Examples: spin = political progaganda, half-truths, deliberate distortions of facts
    to raise doubts and confuse people

    money politics = corruption; political bribery; vote-buying

    Ketuanan Melayu = political propaganda to deceive the ordinary Malays while the UMNO elite enriches itself through corruption; fascist ideology of domination of one ethnic group over all others

    1Malaysia = meaningless slogan dreamed up by a public relations firm overpaid with our wasted tax-payer ringgit

    Phua Kai Lit

  3. Another 1Malaysia boleh I supposed. Now we can boast to all and sundry that we have one of the highest CPI in the world.

  4. Actually I think some are quite proud that we at least stand out in something. This new rating only confirms that we are a pariah state. Why not when we have a shady Prime Minister and his wife who's involved in corruption and murder themselves?

  5. The MSM will spin lies into truth. Their modus operandi is to praise the BN govt by positive writing over and over and over until bad becomes good.
    So the New Media must follow the MSM modus operandi. write/blog about the misdeeds of the BN govt over and over and over until the young readers are convince that the BN Govt is not capable to prosper Malaysia. The younger New Media readers will eventually triump over the MSM readers.

    UR1 VR2

  6. IYAH,banding macam ini la,malaysia masih ada diatas iraq,sudan,myanmar dan lain yang berada dibawah chart itu ma.Bukan cara ini meh membuat bandingan meh.