Sunday 6 September 2009

The arrogance of power...

When you are in power for over fifty years, every now and then there is that temptation to bend the rules and sometimes even the truth to suit the political needs of the moment. You can be forgiven if this inclination does come up once in a blue moon – though the colour of the moon can be said to be blue every month if you are powerful enough to want it to be so. So here lies the problem. When this inclination becomes the norm where does that put good governance?
Almost daily now we are subject to the painful and most uncomfortable sensation of having our leaders take us for fools. They boldly stand in front of us through the medium of THEIR Television Stations, THEIR Media or even at times in person and proceed to tell us what they want us to know – not what we should know. Is there nobody amongst them that can tell them that what they are doing is like peeing into the wind?
Have the educated, intelligent and rational generation of Malays all left UMNO leaving our nation without some of its best people in government even when we need them most? Najib is in a world of his own. He lacks the ability to make sense of what is happening around the country. Surviving day to day is hard enough for him. UMNO has sworn blood oaths that they will defend themselves from PAS, from DAP from Keadilan from everybody – no matter what. In desperation they have ventured into territory where they violate all democratic conventions  almost on a daily basis. When we question the legality of their actions their answer is that ‘might is right’.
When the court initially finds in favor of the opposition as in Perak – they appeal its decision confident that the Judiciary is ultimately theirs to instruct and manage. When a death in custody happens the usual suspects are paraded. A commission, an inquiry, no stones unturned….and then slowly but surely nothing will come of it. They play the Judiciary as if it was their own – and why not when the Chief Justice is indeed their own. Whenever a situation arise that will give problems to them they no longer even have the decency to pay lip service to placate the Rakyat – now days it is deny, deny deny.
Deny there was ever any intention to humiliate the Hindus in the cow-head incident. Deny that there was any reason to not renew the IGP again and again. Deny that there was anything wrong in the caning sentence of Kartika but nevertheless no less a person then the Prime Minister himself has asked her to appeal for a reduction in her sentence.
Arrest 16 people for carrying yellow candles and red and white roses who were seeking freedom of religion in this country and yet deny that Muslims stepping on the sacred head of a cow is doing anything to incite another race. They invoke the name of ALLAH at their whims and fancies and see no sin in promoting the very sins that Islam frowns upon. For surely corruption and greed is also corruption and greed whether in Mecca or Malaysia?
That all this has become the norm for UMNO frightens me. This is the arrogance of power that I am talking about. Perhaps the most outrageous example of this arrogance is their inability to understand that there are another points of view to be considered other then their own. To them any deviations from their point of view is a conspiracy to undermine their ability to hold on to power – no matter what.
I try to do this. By my writing if I can turn one person against UMNO – just one – then we are one person ahead towards our ‘brand new beginning’. Do as I do. Go talk to one person and bring him or her into our fold – then one by one we will slowly but surely build up our strength and strike down UMNO and Barisan. Go do it now!  


  1. Excellent choice of words.

    But don't worry. The Just shall prevail. Good shall triumph over evil. BN shall fall.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. I hear that there are 5000 postal votes to be reckoned with in the next (9th) by-election. What are your thoughts on that, my friend?

  3. Pat I think Pakatan Rakyat are getting as good if not better then Barisan at this game - 5000 is a hell of a lot - let's see how it works out. Another battle to be won in our war - crucial but not the be all and end all of our fight. What is certain is that they have started to get rattled. On and onwards...

  4. I wonder what will be the final point where UMNO finally realises they are finished. To them , they must STILL NOW be thinking the majority is behind them for them to be doing what they are now doing.

  5. Sadly, you may be preaching to the converted.

    Most educated Malaysians recognise, and despise, these UMNO traits. The UMNO bastions of support lie in the Malay heartlands, the small kampongs, amidst the ultra-conservative pachik/machik types who will only vote for UMNO or PAS, the latter less so now that they are part of the opposition.

    To reach them, you need to use Malay, not English. Not on the internet either since they are mostly computer illiterate! THERE lies the nub of it.

  6. I agree in totality with what you say. We all have to do our bit.
    The cost of not activating against an unjust & evil government is too dreadful to bear.

    Yes, there is a real danger of them reprising May 13, but inaction will only make worse.

  7. S.Menon - ok we have a problem there. I agree. Can I suggest this - find a way to overcome this.I do not know how for now - I cannot write in Bahasa as well as i can in English - so I do what I can. What can you do?

    Lung - so what will you do? Tell us what you can do so that we too will do...

  8. Sorry, HH. In the Forties and Fifties, when I was at school, Malay was an optional language. To get into a good British University, one had to learn Latin, which placed Malay much lower in the order of priorities!

    After I had witnessed the antics of May 13th, and seeing dead bodies being hung up in sacks in the hospital mortuary, I left the country, in utter disgust.

    I saw no further reason to learn the language.

  9. Menon I left the country 30 years ago...i am unable to understand where you are heading...

  10. Given my age, sooner rather than later, to a grave!

    During May 13th, my unit took over from the Royal Malay Regiment because they were seen to be too partisan - yes, I served for fifteen years in uniform.

    I saw a beautiful country destroyed, and hated it. I saw institutional injustice, and hated it. Now, in my last few years, I want some peace.

    It is up to you youngsters now to take up the fight, if you have the energy, the courage, or the balls for it!

  11. Menon I am 63 -for sure not a youngster - if you are older then me it still does not give you license to just vent your frustration without making an effort to make a difference however small. If you insist on not doing anything - then keep your thoughts to yourself and we will all be quite.

    Re starting a riot - maybe if you read my piece "The art of Managing a we want one?" you might see that we are of one mind on this subject.

    P.s. I am in the middle of having dinner - fish and chips - so fire at will - I will give as good as I get. regards.

  12. I didn't realise this was a pissing contest! And exactly where did I say that we should start a riot? Is a physical fight the only way to fight?

    In any event, get off your high horse. I served fifteen years in the Army, fought the Communists in 1960, then the Indonesians in 1963, then again the Communists in 1967.

    After all that, UMNO and that Penang fellow say I am a pendatang?

    Frustrated? No, not at all. Just tired of stupidity and stupid people, sometimes called politicians. I have done my bit for a country that neglects any service to nation-building by non-Malays. Now it is up to you youngsters.

    If you don't like what I say, or how I say it, that is your problem, not mine. I prefer to call a spade a spade.

    I hope you enjoyed your fish and chips!

  13. Both of you HH & Menon aew so cure lah . love it and enjoy so much of both of you. cheers.

  14. Belinda, I have been called many things in my life but never cute.

    Thank you, but what am I to do now? It is going to be downright impossible trying to live up to being cute!